Small Container Packaging

ZXP operates multiple small container packaging lines capable of filling containers from 3.2 ounces up to multi-quart containers.

We handle containers which vary in shape and materials which include barrier materials and metal.

Large Container Packaging

ZXP operates multiple large and intermediate container filling lines capable of filling pails, drums, kegs, totes, and flexibags.

Our packaging capabilities include bulk containers such as tank trucks, railcars, and ocean ready ISO containers with flexibags.

All bulk products are weighed or meter read as they leave the facility to ensure accurate reporting.

Annually capacity to handle over 30,500 truckloads, 5,300 rail cars, 1,500 flexibags

146 Million Gallon Annual production capacity

Automated Robotics

ZXP has invested in numerous robotic palletizers capable of palletizing multiple products from various packaging lines. The robots are programmed to customer pallet stacking requirements and are easily reprogrammed should any changes be required.

The robots require very little oversight and, on average, eliminate the manual work of 6 humans per line.


Dedicated Product Family Lines
Testing Done Throughout Blend Process


Quality & Testing

24/7 Laboratory Testing
Computerized Process Control
ASTM Protocol
Certified Quality Management System