Contact ZXP Technologies

ZXP Technologies has representatives available between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

All visitors. truck drivers and contractors to the facility are required to check into the front and/or security and must have proper PPE: Safety Glasses, Long Pants and Steel Toed Boots as well as follow all ZXP Safety Rules.

General inquiries please email us at

For sales & customer service please contact one of the individuals below.

Main Company – 281-426-8800

Customer Service – Kelly Hill 281-426-8856

Sales – Sheila Rooker 832-514-1484

Security – 281-426-8809

Truck Gate/Scale – 281-426-8809

Drivers must have a scheduled appointment and are not allowed to arrive more than 15 minutes prior to, or post their scheduled appointment time. If you will not make your 30 minute window you must call security for a new time slot.